Design trends come and go, like waves in the ocean. Imagine a tsunami that refuses to settle down. Many designers are feeding into this tsunami without even realizing what “danger” it poses to the design world. This tsunami is the dreadful practice known as “angled mockups.”

On Tuesday, October 27 2020, I hosted a virtual event through UX Wizards, “Funeral for Bad UX Figma Party.” Participants shared terrible examples of user experiences by placing images into a coffin using the collaborative design tool Figma. Here was the event description:

Welcome to our funeral… for bad UX! This is an event to share bad websites, user experiences, and user interfaces and banish them to the shadow realm. Join us for an ethereal evening celebrating the death of terrible user experiences. Bury examples of bad UX in a coffin through Figma. This is a collaborative remote event. Bring…

In light of Calgary Flames ex-head coach Bill Peters resigning due to the recently surfaced incident of former NHL player Akim Aliu mentioning Peters using a racial slur towards him, I would like to share some of my experiences growing up as a Muslim American. My South Asian parents immigrated to the United States in 1984 and settled in Long Island, New York. The grades 7–12 high school had very little diversity and a small class size for a public school. My graduating class consisted of 175 students. I attended this school from 2003 until my graduation in 2009.



Gastronome is a food service app that incentivizes users to write reviews by giving them coupons. It is a user experience design project created by Fumiko, Lisa, and Nabil at Fashion Institute of Technology’s UX Design Certificate Spring 2019 Program. The course instructors gave us several apps to pick from to make a competitor that offers different features and improves the user experience.

I performed a competitive analysis of Yelp, Open Table, Zagat, Google Maps, and TripAdvisor. Using Yelp can be cumbersome and the interface often gets cluttered when searching and filtering.

All three of us noted user-submitted reviews in…

Nabil Mir

Artist and UX designer who makes enthralling interactive experiences.

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